A global contract biotech company, creating value from concept to commercialization

Who We Are

Alverium Health, an innovation in the journey from scientific ambition to commercial reality, is a contract biotech company, led by a highly experienced, functionally diverse team dedicated to creating maximum value for assets, companies and patients through a unique approach to the commercialization journey

An innovation in the journey
from scientific ambition
to commercial reality

A new approach is needed for the
Clinical-to-Commercial journey

The typical drug discovery timeline is lengthy, costly and risky. The average cost to bring an asset to market has increased by 67% since 2010. The average cost to develop a therapeutic asset is estimated at $1.3bn.
LSE, LSH&TM and KUL (2020)


Good science, lots of discovery and record funding levels should lead to unlimited potential.
Yet, every year real dollars and value are lost through unmet expectations.

Turning the unrealized opportunity into value is what Alverium was designed to achieve.

What We Do

“Translating scientific ambition into full commercial potential… ”

We can strategically drive and executionally direct an integrated process to accelerate the journey from concept to commercialization and beyond.

For individuals or organizations who want a more agile and efficient approach to bringing assets to market, while maintaining optionality for individual and corporate goals, we can engage at any stage of the journey to build value with our global strategy and delivery team.

We enable a higher confidence level for commercial success and patient benefit because we:

prioritize activities
that focus on what is
needed to enhance
commercial and
corporate value

follow and
guide the asset

with a seasoned
integrated team
without silos

provide a
on demand

infrastructure and
resource solution

“…ultimately, to accelerate healthcare advances to patients and maximize commercial and corporate value”

A highly experienced, functionally diverse team dedicated to creating maximum value for assets, companies and patients through a unique approach to the commercialization journey

Three pillars define the Alverium process

Superior engagement experience in all phases, speeds time to maximum value


Concept Inception
& Evolution


Clinical Development


Commercial GTM Strategy,
Plans & Execution


Concept Inception & Evolution

  • Discovery (idea generation/
  • Due diligence
  • Proof of concept
  • Partnering
  • Funding
  • Licensing


Clinical Development Process

  • Pre-Clinical to Phase I
  • Phase II
  • Phase III
  • Phase IV
  • Scientific education & awareness
  • Advocacy (societies, HCP, patients)
  • Data dissemination
  • Marketing support studies
  • Regulatory filing
  • Milestone management


Commercial GTM Strategy, Plans & Execution:

  • Branding the science, platform & asset
  • Access/pricing
  • Production & distribution (supply chain)
  • Sales
  • Marketing (Vision, Positioning, Market Development pre-launch, Launch Activities and Messaging)
  • Life-cycle management
  • Medical education & communication
  • Patient support
  • Post-launch marketing support

Enabled by data, analytics & proprietary tech platform

How We Are

We develop strategy and follow it through to tactical plans and execution. Our model augments or replaces internal functions and resources, accelerating progress with cost flexibility and minimal executional complexity, while ensuring corporate runway optionality.

Functional integration adds
value at every stage of the process

“Early ideation/


Most time is lost here...
you never get this time back...

De-risked commercial execution, predictable cost structure

Reduced cycle time to IP monetization

Maximized asset and corporate valuations

Risk mitigated investments with enhanced probability of success

Our integrated team will meet the client wherever they are in their journey

Our integrated team will meet the client wherever they are in their journey

Value is built by the way we move through the process – strategic, connected & sticky

Traditional Asset Pathway –
disconnected, clunky, slow

The Alverium Difference –
synergistic, aligned, dynamic

Deep integrated expertise, building value at every step

Why Work With Us?

Benefits of our approach create value through geographic diversity, risk mitigation and adaptability


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  • Speed to value – early and seamless functional integration
  • Fail fast – focus on validating the potential of the client’s asset, quickly and efficiently

One Worldwide
Geographic Footprint

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  • Integrated worldwide approach to supporting a client’s needs
  • All functions represented in key geographies

Shared Risk of Developing
the Client’s Asset

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  • Less financial risk – discounted fees; profit/revenue share and flexible deal structures
  • Validation before commitment – Alverium will prove results before the client incurs the ongoing high costs of adding organizational infrastructure and/or organizational change


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  • No infrastructure to create inertia – fluid response to changing internal and external factors
  • Agile design architecture allows for continuous improvement

Alverium’s approach ensures optimal value by delivering integrated best practices from the start

One partner to deliver an asset from discovery to a regional and or global market: avoids the need to engage multiple expert consultants and the struggle to connect them all

  • Alverium engages with the client for the entire process or on individual stages according to the client’s organizational needs.

Alverium Engagement Experience sits above traditional customer experience: and is paramount from beginning to end; not a separate concept introduced in late-stage commercialization.

Doers not just advisers: Alverium does not just advise a client on how it should/can bring an asset to a global market; Alverium will do it with/for the client

  • Every team member has worked in the industry, knows the roles first-hand, and has lived the ups and downs of the existing concept to value process
  • Only experienced talent will be responsible for a client’s business; all will be intimately familiar with a project from start to finish.

All execution is strategically connected and directed: early involvement of all functional areas and ongoing seamless integration ensures faster time to market and optimal launch performance; no disconnects, no sloppy hand-offs, no competing agendas.

Case Studies

Highly diversified value creation

Novel platform strategy

Newly formed cannabinoid platform biotech needed to accelerate clinical to commercial program.

In 4 months, added an exec team that rebranded the company, reprioritized therapeutic focus, evolved clinical development program and launched a raise.

Accelerating commercialization

Emerging biotech bringing therapies to market in the UK and US needed support for a variety of pre-launch activities to meet timelines.

Deployed on-demand team to support key projects from clinical to commercial globally.

Fail fast to pivot

Emerging founder/owner clinical organization of 30, moving to commercial quickly with a novel product used in the ICU.

Immediately inserted clinical to commercial leadership team and brought them to P3 results sooner, which failed. De-risked model allowed them to quickly pivot to focus on their next pipeline asset with minimal cost and operational issues.

Asset funding

Device company on the market in the UK through a distributor, wanting to initiate P3 trials in US and Asia, as well as accelerate sales in Europe.

Lead investment banker brought us on to front the executive team and go on a raise, which resulted in $70M in funding in six weeks.

Resource fill-in

Rare biotech company of 300 moving into first commercial launch with ex-big pharma leaders who wanted a large pharma effort on a budget with efficiencies and speed.

Dropped in medical affairs, marketing, communications, market access, field force leads and brought them to market. Developed award-winning disease education campaign.

Outsourced management

Top 10 pharma company with an emerging CNS pipeline asked for a full out-sourced commercial team to de-risk and accelerate asset investment.

Bespoke on-demand flex exec teams are created to meet current needs and be able to evolve for the future.

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